A lot can change in a year – especially when you’re embarking on your career journey. For Bryant, this year has brought a world of transformation, taking him from trainee to employee, from fresh beginnings to new heights.

When he first started at Lanakila Disability Services’ Employment Services, Bryant worked as a trainee at Lanakila Custom Products, monitoring printed items in the drying machine, sorting sizes of clothing items, and assisting in the screen-printing process. He learned more about working with a team.

In job preparatory classes, he refined these teamwork and behavioral skills, which he says has been helpful both in and outside of a workplace to ensure that no matter where he is – with friends, family, coworkers – he is courteous and understanding.

“One thing I learned about most is teamwork, putting aside our different opinions and learn to get along with each other and agree with each other as you work on a progress or special project,” Bryant says.

Taking what he learned to heart, Bryant worked diligently, training as Lanakila Pacific’s front desk receptionist. He held the important roles of greeting visitors, organizing paperwork, and keeping the office space tidy.  

His efforts stood out – and he was hired as Lanakila Meals on Wheels’ receptionist in 2022. Now, he plays a vital part in the bustling team, answering meal recipients’ questions as well as helping them adjust, start, or pay for meal services.

“My inspiring message to the current or new participants … is ‘never give up, keep going, keep searching,’” Bryant says. “Your opportunity to work will come for you at any time.”

After a year’s worth of training, concentration, and intentional progress, Bryant has seen himself work his way to a career, having played a part in many of Lanakila Pacific’s programs and social enterprises. His job as a receptionist continues to help him grow, he says.

“This helps me to gain new or more skills, as well as communicating better with others,” Bryant says.



A program of Lanakila Disability Services, Employment Services has been training and preparing individuals with disabilities for entering the workforce since 1972. With help from our supporters, hundreds have received pre-occupational coaching and found meaningful employment.

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