Thanks to our community, Lanakila Meals on Wheels’ annual fundraiser, The Good Table, has had its most successful year to date! This year, 13 local restaurants hosted special tables offering our customers a rare opportunity to dine on an exclusive meal from some of the island’s most talented chefs. Over the course of this three-day event, together we met our fundraising goal all to benefit our seniors and help fight against kupuna hunger.

What does this mean for our seniors? Take a look at June’s story to see just one example of the difference we’re making!  

For the past couple of years, June has thoroughly enjoyed her experience as a recipient of the Lanakila Meals on Wheels program. “Oh, I love the food. Especially that 5-Spice Chicken! And the vegetables, I really like those too,” she grins. Like many seniors who live alone, especially considering her medical situation, June can’t get out and about as often as she’d like. For June, signing up for the meal delivery program has helped to ease the burden of having to shop for groceries and prepare food on her own.

“The meals make my life so much easier. Because I have high blood pressure and heart problems, I cannot have certain things. The meals help keep everything under control because I know they are healthy.” Not only are the meals tasty, but each meal is also intentionally made to keep nutrition in mind. With these meals, June doesn’t have to worry about whether her food could cause an unexpected spike in her blood pressure. It’s this added sense of safety and comfort that make managing day-to-day life that much simpler for our seniors!

However, the Lanakila Meals on Wheels program isn’t just about meal delivery. While fighting against food insecurity is one of the primary goals of the program, we also help to keep our seniors connected to the community. Volunteers are the primary vessel for accomplishing this goal.

Since June sometimes has difficulty moving around, she spends a lot of her time in the confines of her home. And although her brother visits once a week, it can still get lonely from time to time. Hence, why June loves the volunteers. “Of course, I enjoy the food, but getting to meet the volunteers…that’s one of the best parts! I get to talk story with them,” she smiles fondly.

Each week, June looks forward to her meal delivery for the chance to reconnect with her favorite volunteers. She has even built a relationship with many of them, getting to know their stories, their families, and their passions. “I love the volunteers. They always offer extra help if I need anything. And when they can’t make it one week, I miss them. I’m always thinking about them!”

Just like June, there are so many seniors in our community who can benefit from this program. The proceeds from The Good Table will help provide even more meals for seniors all across the island. Whether it’s more nutritious meals or a new friendly face at the door, Lanakila Meals on Wheels can continue to build independence for our seniors all thanks to another successful The Good Table!