Farm to Summer: Celebrating Local Ingredients

Supported by the USDA, the “Farm to Summer” program ensures Hawaii’s children receive nutritious meals during school breaks. Emphasizing locally-sourced ingredients, it promotes diverse island produce and supports local agriculture. Lanakila Pacific Kitchen proudly participates in the Farm to Summer Program, integrating local recipes to enhance nutrition and community health.

Lanakila Pacific: Serving the Community

This year, Lanakila Pacific Kitchen is serving over 30 sites in Hawaii’s Summer Food Service Program. We strive to produce locally-inspired recipes for keiki menus, aligning with program requirements while promoting healthy eating habits. We prepare from scratch, ensuring freshness and quality, and offer flexible delivery options to make healthy choices accessible to keiki in summer programs.

Commitment to Quality and Accessibility

Adhering strictly to USDA guidelines, we food safety through comprehensive training. Our commitment to quality ensures that every meal meets nutritional standards.

As summer continues, we remains steadfast in our mission to support the community’s most vulnerable members. Through initiatives like “Farm to Summer” Lanakila Pacific Kitchen continuesto prioritize the well-being of youth in our community.



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